Buying Policy

♻️Buying Information: 
•We are looking for spring items. Premie- women’s 3X. Shoes of all sizes as well.
•Baby gear such as play pens, bassinets, bumbos, strollers, etc. are all items we take as well. They must be in good- excellent condition. Buckles work, no tears or stains in fabrics.
•We cannot buy car seats, insurance rules.
•We take toys, only if it contains all the pieces. We count the puzzle pieces, make sure all the animals come with the barns, etc.
•We don’t take stuffed animals, or random 1 figure items like a random 🦕, or one truck.
•We buy items for 1/3 of what we sell them for. We have to cover the rent, light bills, staffing, etc. The perks for you are that you cleaned out, and got to trade the items for new gently used items that you’ll love, or get quick cash without the swap hassel.
• We pay more money on named brands. Nike, UA, Columbia, etc. will be a bigger payout then granimals, cat & jack, etc.
• Condition of items also play a role on how much we pay out. We don’t take items with stains, holes, excess pilling, or looks worn.
• No, we do not take bras, underwear, socks, home goods, electronics, or jewelry. We are not a pawn shop.
• We do not take clothing if it smells like smoke, musty, or just stinks. We accept fresh, clean clothes only.
•We only take 2 trash bags at a time, due to the overwhelming amount of inventory that comes in. We ask you bring them in trash bags, to prevent bins and baskets from being left behind. If you have more then 2 bags worth, feel free to bring more in during our next buy day, or message us on facebook to make an appointment. 
The items we decide not to take, we give you the option of donating on to a paralyzed veteran program, or taking back with you. 

We hope this helps answer any questions. Thank you for all of your support!